About me

The idea to create Candid Career Girl came to me after enduring months of rejections from job positions I thought I wanted, to changing my entire approach and receiving one of my dream offers in less than a week. Sure, I'd had plenty of success as a freelance writer, but I wanted that happy medium between becoming the next Aline Brosh McKenna and honing my strategic skills in corporate America. 


After realizing the same old method just wasn't working for me anymore, I tossed my resume and cover letter in the trash and made the decision to put real-time and effort into branding myself for the career I really wanted.


I relentlessly studied my industry, participated in mock interviews, learned the right (and wrong) questions to ask HR managers, cultivated my professional development knowledge, and went to interview for the position I desperately wanted and... owned it! No, but seriously, I credit a detailed job search strategy and a solid career plan to having the freedom to choose where I wanted to take my future professionally and personally. I want all of my candid career colleagues to do the same! 


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