4 ways to prepare for an interview

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

As I always say: the resume gets you the INTERVIEW; the interview gets you the JOB! You can have a perfect resume, drafted by the top resume writer in the world, but if you skip any type of preparation before the interview (real prep, not just cramming information while you wait for the interviewer to finish up with the candidate ahead of you), you may very well be screwed!

Formal interview preparation from a professional is highly recommended to increase your chances of getting that game-changing position that you've always wanted, but if that isn't easily accessible to you, here are some things you can do on your own to make sure you stand out from your competition:

  • Learn about the company: Reserve some quiet time to do thorough research on the company, it's management, it's social media outlets, and any current news stories. Walk into the interview already knowing what's going on with the company, and how your skills will contribute to their ongoing success.

  • Look for holes in your resume: I would highly advise that you not skip this part. Everyone has something on their resume that may be problematic, such as a large gap in employment. Be prepared to explain anything that may pose as even the slightest problem, and also be ready to elaborate on why it will not hinder your work performance.

  • Research the market: More specifically, research the relevant market, as well as the current business figures related to the job you're going after. Research as much as you have access to! By bringing up ideas in the interview on how to grow the business based on the figures from your research, the interviewer will see that you are being assertive and capable of making company contributions, even before receiving an official offer.

  • Learn the office environment: If you can't get a read on the culture of a company by their social media, take matters into your own hands! Stop by the company ahead of the interview to see how everyone is dressed, how they work, how they interact with each other etc. and authentically emulate what you see on interview day.

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