Non-traditional careers for women

Why should a woman consider a non traditional occupation? Well, there are many good reasons why but first of all it’s about securing a woman’s future.

First, you can earn more and it’s where the profitable jobs are. And second you will have many benefits and opportunities for job promotions, plus you will be able to create a role model for your family, friends, and relatives.

If you have already started to think about this nontraditional direction down below you can find for you to choose some examples that are considered as nontraditional jobs for women:

  1. Architect

  2. Mason

  3. Computer programmer

  4. Computer software and hardware engineer

  5. Detective or special agent

  6. Chef

  7. Barbers

  8. Clergy

  9. Engineer

  10. Engineering Technician

  11. Computer and office machine repairer

  12. Construction and building inspector

  13. Railroad conductor

  14. Machinist

  15. Truck driver

  16. Firefighter

  17. Carpenter

  18. Electrician

  19. Aircraft pilot

  20. Small Engine Mechanic

  21. Announcer

  22. Auctioneer

  23. Bellhop

  24. Porter

  25. Dentist

  26. Film Director

  27. Fisher, Hunter

  28. Trapper

  29. Funeral Director

  30. Garbage/Waste Collector

  31. Groundskeeper and Gardener

  32. Hospital Administrator

  33. Logging Worker

  34. Meter Reader

  35. Optometrist

  36. Parking Lot Attendant

  37. Pest Control Specialist

  38. Printing Press Operator

  39. Scientist and Science Teacher

  40. Security Guard

  41. Security and Fire System Installer

  42. Service Station Attendant

  43. Taxicab Driver

  44. Tow Truck Operator

  45. Welder

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